New Plants for Salsa at Wenninghoff’s

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The Wenninghoff family has been growing and selling farm fresh produce in Omaha since the Great Depression. We have seen many changes in eating and buying habits and have tried to change our plantings accordingly.

This year, with the increase in home cooking and gardening, we are trying several new items with an emphasis on salsa. We are adding Roma Tomatoes which are a meaty tomato. They produce a lot of tomatoes per bush and also make a great tomato for salads. We are adding Cilantro along with other herbs.

Wenninghoff’s will be increasing our product line of peppers to include the ones mentioned in this article plus all of the different kinds we have grown over the years. Most people think of only using jalapeno peppers for salsa. That is like only using only one kind of seasoning on your grilled meats! We encourage people to try using different peppers for a more exciting salsa.

This year we are growing a very hot banana pepper called “Inferno”. It looks like a regular hot banana pepper, but it really packs a punch! Habanero’s are very hot and a beautiful orange color and a compact plant.

Another new pepper that we are trying is “Sunsation.” Most bell peppers start green and turn to red as they ripen. “Sunsation” turns to a deep yellow and they are very sweet.

Since salsa does not have to be hot, we are also trying a pepper called Marcato. It is a sweet Italian Roasting pepper. That should add an interesting flavor to any salsa.

We will begin planting as soon as the soil warms and hope to have a bountiful “salsa” crop by summer. Hope you can come see us. We are located at 6707 Wenninghoff Road, right off of Sorenson Parkway west of Immanuel Hospital.

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