Buying the Right Tools for your Garden

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If you are a professional gardener, you’d be looking for the best quality tools?

You know you would. Budget wouldn’t be the main factor as your tools would help you to make a living. So why compromise just because you are a keen amateur?

On the other hand, if you are a gardener; a once a year type, you may want to go ahead with less expensive tools. These days there are a proliferation of tools available to make your gardening life easier. Don’t restrict yourself just the traditional items. Look at what’s available. Amazon is a great source to actually buy these tools, but it can be a little overwhelming. To help narrow down to the better options, it is often best to use one of the many review sites, such as Garden Eaze, which provides quality reviews of gardening tools available on Amazon.

Presently, there are a lot of companies which manufacture garden tools. As a result, tools are less robust as the companies needs to satisfy stockholders. Most companies use plastic handles, cheaper grade of wood, thinner steel and so on. All these result in poor quality garden tools, but more dividends for stockholders. Hence, it is important to ask yourself, what do you know about buying these tools? It is also important to ask yourself about how to make sure that you buy the best in each category.

Design of the Tools

The first thing you need to notice is the design. The best kind of tools has refined designs which are more users friendly. A little bend or a less angle can make a big difference while using garden tools. It is also important to check the thickness of steel. It should be just heavy enough to serve its purpose. However, it should not be very heavy and tire the user. There are many different types of tools in the market according to size and weight. It is important to define your needs and requirements so that you can buy one accordingly.

Type of Metal Used

Attachment of Handle

It is also important to consider the kind of metal which has been used to manufacture the tool. Thin steel will usually mean poor quality. Usually, thin steel comes from a large roll which is cut to manufacture more number of tools from the same roll. This is done to lower production costs. On the other hand, there are many manufacturers which experiment with different formulas to ensure more durable and strong steel. Durability and strength are one of the most important to factors to consider.

Interestingly, attachment of handle also plays a very crucial role to make sure that it is high quality. This is even more important for spades and forks. Most of the poor quality tools have thin steel, which is only riveted and wrapped around the handle. Such handles may allow you to work fast, but they are not at all strong. Such handles get broken very easily.

Let’s take a look at a good example from our friends over at Garden Eaze. The tree lopper is a specialist tool for pruning upper branches of overgrown trees. When you use them you will obviously be reaching up high and the quality of the handle will be critical.

Socket or Strapped Connection

The best kind of garden tools has a strapped connection or socket. Strapped connection is believed to be the strongest. Straps and head are only one piece of steel. Moreover, straps usually extend up to the riveted handle. Socket attachment is also as strong as a strapped connection. In this connection too, head and socket are one piece of steel. Moreover, the handle is fastened into the socket.

Warranty Period

Last but not the least, it is very important to ask yourself, ‘what is the warranty on this thing?’ There are many good companies which offer a lifetime warranty. It is always better to go with a company which provides a good warranty period.

These were only some of the factors which will determine your choice while choosing garden tools. There are also other factors and you should do a thorough research before you think about buying your tools.

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